Flower Tattoo Designs

Flower Tattoo Designs

Flower tattoos are a uniquely versatile theme for tattoos. Flower tattoo designs can have many different meanings based on the different types of flowers illustrated. A lotus tattoo has a very different meaning than one featuring a rose, for example. Different types of flowers can change the nature of a tattoo entirely, and certain cultures favor different types of flowers. Hawaiian flower tattoo arrangements can illustrate a connection with the Island people of the Pacific, while the national flower of Japan, the cherry blossom, is another common focus for tattoo artists. Everything from the hibiscus to the lily flower can be tattooed on someone, and flowers can be combined with animals or insects to make nature scenes, like a butterfly and flower tattoo. 

Flower Tattoos Meaning: Many Varieties Of Beautiful

Flowers are usually considered to be feminine. They are delicate, fragile, and beautiful, so flower tattoos are typically chosen by women rather than men. All varieties of flowers are translated into tattoo designs. Different species of flowers and different flower colors can have different meanings and symbolize different things. Sometimes specific flowers are for personal reasons, like a loved one’s favorite flower or flowers in a childhood garden, but usually flower tattoo designs are chosen for a specific symbolism and cultural meaning. Flowers like roses, lotuses, cherry blossoms, and orchids flowers are popular tattoo designs.

Realistic color flower tattoo
Realistic color flower tattoo

Flower tattoos are a clear connection to nature and a natural lifestyle. Flowers, by designs, represent fertility and reproduction because they are the plant’s method for reproducing. Flowers also represent spring. After the winter passes, flowers and leaves begin to bud, signaling warmer weather and marking the beginning of the renewal of the earth. Because of this, flowers are encouraging and seem so bright and cheerful after a few months of dreary, monotone grey. Flowers usually have a positive connotation and optimistic symbolism.

Color flower tattoo
Color flower tattoo
Large color flower tattoo
Large color flower tattoo

Here is a comprehensive list of a variety of flowering plants and their meaning:

Agrimony – gratitude, thankfulness
Almond – hope, watchfulness, promise, purity, virginity
Aloe – grief, religious superstition, suffering, mourning
Alstroemeria – wealth, prosperity, richness, strength, fortune, and friendship
Amaryllis – pride, determination, radiant
Apple Blossom – hope, good fortune, preference, heady love, peace, and sensuality
Aster – love, patience, enchantment
Azalea – self-recognition and self-caring

Baby’s Breath – pure heart, constancy, everlasting love, pureness, and innocence
Bachelor’s Button – hope, devotion, individual blessings, felicity, and celibacy
Balm – social interaction, sympathy, empathy, and pleasantry
Begonia – fantastic, extravagant, imaginative, and whimsical
Bellflower (white) – gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation
Bird of Paradise – joyfulness, cheerfulness, magnificence, paradise, heaven
Black Locust – platonic love, chastity, friendship
Bluebell – gratitude, appreciation, thanks
Blue Violet – modesty, faithfulness, commitment
Buttercup – riches, wealth, and abundance

Calla Lilly – magnificence, beauty, glory, splendor
Camellia – loveliness, excellence, destiny, faith, fate, and kismet
Canterbury Bells – thankfulness
Carnation – pride, beauty, lasting love, passion, dignity
Carnation (pink) – maternal love, mother’s day, unforgettability
Carnation (white) – purity, love, disdain, scorn, chastity
Cherry Blossom – femininity, sexuality, love, education, wisdom, and passion
Chrysanthemum – fidelity, love, truth, and faithfulness
Columbine – anxious, trembling, nervousness, excitement, and anticipation
Cowslip – grace

Daffodil – chivalry, regard, devotion, love, loyalty, commitment
Dahlia – elegance, dignity, grace
Daisy – innocence, youth, gentility, and childhood
Dandelion – flirty and coquettish

Elderflower – compassion and sympathy

Fennel – strength, power, dominance
Forget-me-not – memory, true love, constancy
Freesia – blamelessness, innocence, and gullibility

Geranium – gentility, sophistication, civility
Gladiolus – strength, honor, virtues
Grass – submission, submissiveness, meekness

Heliotrope – devotion, commitment, responsibility
Hibiscus – delicacy, beauty, fragility, femininity
Honeysuckle – affection, love, fraternity, devotion

Iris – compliment, praise
Ivy – friendship, fidelity, matrimony, monogamy, faithfulness, commitment

Jasmine – grace, elegance, modesty, friendliness, dignity, and poise
Jonquil – affection, fondness, warmth, endearment

Lavender – luck, fortune, prosperity, kismet, fate
Lemon Blossom – discretion, diplomacy, and caution
Lilac – puppy love, fastidiousness
Lily – aspirations, purity, majestic, magnificence, chastity, innocence
Lily of the Valley – happiness, purity, humility

Magnolia – nature, wildlife, outdoors
Marigolds – affliction, pain, and grief
Mimosa – secrecy, love, affairs, sensibility
Mums – love

Nasturtium – patriotism, pride, loyalty, faithfulness

Orange Blossom – fidelity, fertility, children, reproduction, commitment

Pansy – thoughtfulness, remembrance
Pear Blossom – friendship, lastingness, attachment, bonding
Peony – bashfulness, shyness, meekness
Periwinkle – remembrance, pleasantries, camaraderie, affinity
Poppy – pleasure, satisfaction, joyfulness
Primrose – youthfulness, innocence, and love

Queen Anne’s Lace – magic, enchantment, health, faithfulness, and love

Rose – love, engagement, passion, hope, desire, purity, humility, secrecy, and worth
Rosebuds – love and friendship
Rosemary – memories, remembrance

Salvia – esteem, pride, admiration, favor
Snowdrop – consolation, comfort, solace
Sunflower – adoration, purity, innocence, child-like
Sweet Pea – delicateness, fragility, sweetness, pleasure

Tulip – faithfulness, love, beauty, the soul, fame

Verbena – enchantment, magic, wishes

Wallflower – fidelity, perseverance, tenacity, determination

Zinnia – friendship, “missing you”

As you can see, flowers have a variety of symbolism. Some tattoo designs combine a variety of different species of flowers to create depth and intricacy of meaning.