17 Amazing Leo Tattoo Designs

17 Amazing Leo Tattoo Designs

17 Amazing Leo Tattoo Designs:
As Strong And Steadfast As A Lion

In Western astrology, a person born between July 23rd and August 22nd is considered a Leo. The Leo sign is a stable, constant, fixed fire sign.

Leo Sign Tattoo

Leo sign tattoo
Leo symbol tattoos

In Western astrology, a person born between July 23rd and August 22nd is considered a Leo. A Leo sign tattoo will be, most likely, a choice of Leo born people. Most Leo tattoos are either a design of the Leo symbol, the image of a lion, or a representation of the Leo constellation.

The Leo sign is a stable, constant, fixed fire sign. Leo is one of three fires signs, including Aries and Sagittarius, and one of four fixed signs, including Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Of the human anatomy, the Leo zodiac sign rules the heart and spine. Leo is a masculine sign, and the colors associated with Leo are golds, purples, and oranges, which reflect their fiery nature and leadership potential. Flowers associated with Leo are all fairly ostentatious and the colors best suited to Leo – yellow lilies, red poppies, orange marigolds, yellow sunflowers, and purple heliotropes.

Ruled by the Sun, Leo individuals tend to be authoritative and like power. They make strong, confident leaders who are often charismatic and charming. Leos can be quite generous and the life of the party. They tend to be positive people who attract people, but their effortless popularity can make people jealous, even while they are admiring. Leos thrive in the limelight, but they also tend to crave it.

A their worst, Leos can be attention hogs who are bossy and overbearing. They sometimes manipulate people with their innate charm in order to benefit themselves. People who interact with Leo individuals often feel dazzled. Although Leos can be quite ambitious, they can also be lazy. This can cause a Leo individual to push responsibilities off on someone else. Leos can be very, very convincing and some people have difficulty telling this strong personality ‘no.’ Despite all of these seemingly negative characteristics and traits, Leo individuals tend to loved and adored. They have a wide circle of friends and even a few admirers. The Leo individual is often who others only wish they could be.

As a fixed sign, the Leo personality tends to be stubborn and obstinate. They are sometimes unwilling to change unless it suits their purpose or they feel like changing. Mostly, Leos embrace change when it of their own volition, but are adverse to change that is forced upon them. The Leo constellation is a lion and, like lions, it is difficult to make them do something they do not wish to do. Leos are very extroverted individuals and thrive best on human contact. They abhor work or projects that is repetitive, boring, and solitary. Overall, Leos tend to be happy individuals who relate to others well. They are confident and self-assured, usually trustworthy, with high integrity. They like to be appreciated and do not handle being ignored well. They are often creative and artistic, being drawn to the arts, and the theatre in particular. Leos are independent people, but can easily become depressed if they are isolated from others.

Below are some Leo sign tattoo designs and ideas 

Leo constellation lion tattoo
Leo zodiac tattoo
floral Leo constellation tattoo
Leo sign tattoo

Leo Constellation Tattoo

The Leo constellation is supposedly the lion that was killed by Hercules. As one of Hercules’ 12 challenges, he faced a ferocious lion. When the lion died, falling to Hercules during the fight, the gods placed him in the sky to honor him for his sacrifice. Just like the lion, Leo individuals are prideful, rulers, persistent, and noteworthy. Here are some Leo constellation tattoo ideas to inspire Leo born people:

amazing Leo tattoos
Leo constellation tattoo

Leo Tattoos

People with Leo tattoos are likely to be Leos, but they may have the tattoo to represent a loved one. Because the symbol or lion both represent the zodiac, Leo tattoo designs can be one or the other, or even a combination. Sometimes, a Leo tattoo simply says “Leo” without any other embellishment. Leo individuals are likely to get tattoos, because tattoos are a creative method of self-expression and individuality. Tattoos help to define a person, expressing who they are and what they are interested in. A Leo tattoo design can be a stylized, fanciful lion or a realistic, black and white lion. The colors used can be personal preference or they can be the colors associated with the Leo sign, typically considered their best colors.

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Leo constellation tattoo ideas
Leo sign tattoo idea
Leo symbol tattoo idea
Leo tattoos
floral Leo constellation tattoo
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