Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Welcome to tattooEz, your primary destination for inspiring tattoo designs and tattoo ideas. Whether you are looking to get your very first tat or you are a tattoo artist, you’ve come to the place where you’ll find thousands of tattoos to choose from. 

Tattoo Ideas and Designs

For getting something as permanent as a tattoo, you need to invest time and patience in looking for the right tattoo ideas for you, otherwise you’ll just end up regretting it a year after or shorter than that. 

Yes, with recent technology, tattoos can be removed but the cost is a lot more expensive in removing it than getting one. We’re talking about multiple painful appointments until that unwanted tattoo is totally removed. 

So for an amazing lasting tattoo, here is our guide for you when looking for the perfect tattoo ideas that you won’t regret.

Getting the right tattoo design

When you find a tat design you like, look for its meaning if it pertains to your personality or life experience. It makes more sense if your tattoo has a personal meaning rather than going under the painful needle for something permanent yet meaningless.

Get inspired by the tattoos you see on others but be unique at the same time.  I don’t know about you but most people don’t want to copy someone else’s tattoo, although you can get inspiring tattoo ideas just by looking at some.

If you’re getting a tattoo for the first time, it's recommended you get a small one to start with.  First timers are usually not accustomed to the pain involved in getting a tattoo and a large one will subject you to that pain much longer, besides, a smaller tattoo is a lot quicker to remove should you decide to and less painful also.

When you are on a tight budget, obviously a larger tattoo can cost you a lot more. A tattoo that requires intricate details is also more costly than the one with a simple pattern or shape.

Looking for tattoo ideas also involves looking for the right tattoo artist to do the work on you, and the right place to put your tattoo on. It is best to place your first tattoo on the least painful area of your body like your upper arm, shoulder or thigh. But if you have an unusually high pain tolerance, you’re welcome to place your tattoos anywhere as long as your job or school is not too strict about it.  When choosing for the right tattoo artist, on the other hand, it’s best to ask around and ask the right people – those with amazing tattoos on them.

Traditional hand poking Iremuzi tattooing

Finding Good Tattoo Artists

You don’t just want a good tattoo artist – you want one that’s right for you and the particular tattoo you’re getting! Here are the some tricks!

compass nautical tattoo

Nautical Tattoos

Nautical tattoos are highly associated with sailors and warriors while such groups and organizations usually use logos and symbols for proper recognition.

Rose skull tattoo

Flower Tattoo Designs

Flower tattoos are a uniquely versatile theme for tattoos. Flower tattoo designs can have many different meanings based on the different types of flowers illustrated.