21 Most Beautiful Pisces Tattoo Designs

Like other water signs, Pisces individuals tend to be emotional people who can be vulnerable, but are also creative and deep.

Pisces Constellation Tattoo

Anyone born between February 19th and March 20th is considered a Pisces sign, according to the tropical zodiac, although people born at the beginning or end of the time frame are often combination signs and exhibit characteristics of Pisces and the bordering sign. Pisces is the twelfth sign in the zodiac and is considered to be feminine. 

The Pisces Constellation tattoo is represented by the image of two fish both represent the Pisces sign. The Pisces fish are usually depicted swimming in opposite directions. 

As implied by these fish, Pisces is a water sign, but it is also mutable, like Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. Pisces governs the feet and lymphatic system of the human body, which means that Pisces individuals might be particularly susceptible to problems like foot injuries or lymphatic swelling. The colors connected to Pisces are pale shades of green, purple, pink, and steel blues. Flowers connected to Pisces include orchids, lilacs, wisteria, lotus blossoms, white poppies, and pansies.

Pisces constellation tattoo idea
Pisces symbols tattoos

Pisces Tattoo Meaning

The symbolism of the Pisces tattoo is related to the meaning of the sign and the features of people born Pisces. Like other water signs, Pisces individuals tend to be emotional people who can be vulnerable, but are also creative and deep. Pisces tends to be shy, rather than flamboyant or outgoing, and prefers to blend into the surroundings rather than to bask in the limelight. And, like the other mutable signs, Pisces are very adaptable individuals who are quite resourceful when the need arises.

Pisces individuals tend to be spiritual, artistic, and sensitive, and often lean towards mysticism. However, these traits can allow others to take advantage of the Pisces individual, using the Pisces’ dreamy nature against him. Pisces, in part because of their sensitivity to others, tend to be quite compassionate and will willing sacrifice their own happiness to benefit others. Again, this can leave the Pisces individual open to manipulation, but it also tends to cause them to act like martyrs of their own free will.

Interestingly, the shy Pisces who often abhors attention often becomes an actor because the Pisces individual is great at impersonating others and keeping themselves, who they really are, hidden. While acting allows the Pisces to overcome their fear of the spotlight, it is not a true achievement because they are always pretending to be someone else while people are watching them. The propensity to pretend to be someone else can be worsened by the Pisces inclination towards escapism.

The Pisces individual is imaginative, which is a good trait until they use their imagination to escape the real world, ignoring what is going on around them and withdrawing into themselves. At their worst, Pisces can be secretive, vague, withdrawn, self-isolated, closed, weak, and easily influenced. At their best, though, Pisces is gentle, patient, sweet, friendly, kind, and compassionate with a sunny disposition. For these reasons, the Pisces individual also makes a fantastic teacher or caretaker. They can be non-threatening and warm, which makes them easy to get along with and comfortable to be around.

Pisces individuals are quite artistic and creative, so tattoos are an ideal way of expressing themselves in a creative manner that is non-confrontational and can easily be covered when the Pisces feels the need to hide, which is likely to happen in certain situations.

Pisces tattoo idea
Pisces constellation tattoo
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Pisces Tattoos

The Pisces sign is ruled by Neptune and is represented by two fish, not to mention it is a water sign, so Pisces tattoos are often quite aquatic in design. A Pisces tattoo might incorporate the Pisces symbol, the two fish, the word “Pisces”, or any combination of the three.

When designing Pisces tattoos, it might be a good idea to incorporate the various icons associated with the sign, like significant colors or flowers. Soft green, in particular, seems to be a popular choice for Pisces tattoos, perhaps because of its calm and quiet nature. A Pisces tattoo can either be abstract or realistic. Here are some great Pisces tattoo ideas for your inspiration:

yin yang Pisces tattoo
geometric Pisces tattoo
Traditional yin yang Pisces tattoo
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Pisces tattoo ideas
Pisces tattoos
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