19 Best Gemini Tattoo Ideas

Gemini is represented by a pair of twins, Castor and Pollux according to Greek mythology. According to the myth, Castor was born a mortal man, but Pollux was born an immortal god.

Gemini Constellation Tattoo

Gemini constellation

Tattoos of Gemini constellation are usually chosen by people who believe in zodiac 

Gemini individuals are born between May 21st and June 20th, according to the tropical zodiac. Gemini, represented by a symbol, is one of three air elements (with Libra and Aquarius), masculine, and ruled by the planet Mercury. Gemini is a mutable, always changing and adapting, sign and, therefore, Gemini personalities are able to adapt to changing situations and new experiences without missing a beat.

Gemini is represented by a pair of twins, Castor and Pollux according to Greek mythology. According to the myth, Castor was born a mortal man, but Pollux was born an immortal god. Wanting to be together always, Pollux decided to share his immortality with Castor, so the two brothers spent half their time on earth and half their time in Olympus with other gods.

Although Castor and Pollux were male, the Gemini twins are sometimes depicted as females. In the anatomy, Gemini rules the respiratory system, the nervous system, and the hands and arms. The colors associated with the Gemini sign are yellows and light blues and flowers connected with Gemini are lilacs, azaleas, and lilies-of-the-valley.

A Gemini individual was born to communicate. They tend to love gossip, conversation, and social interaction. However, the Gemini’s interactions can often be superficial, without ever delving into emotional or personal areas. Geminis are social butterflies, able to flit from group to group without ever staying long or becoming too involved. Geminis are intellectual people, who value reason over emotional responses, so they can sometimes be viewed as unemotional or cold.

A their worst, Geminis are seen as manipulative and inconsistent, always changing and moving on, never committing or remaining faithful. However, this is usually because the Gemini individual is very intelligent and quick-witted, so if the people are not stimulating enough and if conversation is slow, then the Gemini gets bored and goes to look for something fascinating and worth their attention.

Geminis are prone to going in circles, both physically and figuratively, because they constantly feel the need to be on the move. Travel excites the Gemini individual, but this person is also apt to travel just for the sake of going somewhere, even if they have already been there or if they are leaving someplace worth staying. Intellectually, too, the Gemini personality likes to contemplate all aspects of an idea, often ending up as the Devil’s Advocate, for themselves or others.

Like the Leo sign, Gemini is often the life of the party, soaking in the limelight and entertaining everyone. Gemini is usually a wonderful story teller, but often forsakes accuracy in the name of entertainment. This aspect can cause problems in relationships, when honesty is paramount and embellishment is viewed as lying.

Gemini constellation
Gemini symbol tattoo
Gemini constellation
Gemini symbols tattoo

Gemini Tattoos

Gemini tattoos can be anything involving the word “Gemini,” the Gemini symbol, or the twins. These twins, though male according to legend, are often depicted as entwined sisters. Perhaps the gender is selected based on the personality of the one getting the tattoo. Or, perhaps, this is because, in Western astrology, the Gemini sign no longer coincides with the Gemini constellation due to the natural movement of the universe and the progression of equinoxes. Here are some Gemini tattoo designs for guys and women, including tribal Gemini tattoo, Gemini symbol tattoo, Gemini tattoos angel and devil . 

Gemini tattoo for guys
Gemini symbol tattoo
Gemini tattoo for men
Angels Gemini tattoo
Tribal Gemini tattoo
Gemini constellation tattoo
Gemini tattoo angel devil
Gemini tattoo idea
Gemini symbol tattoo
Gemini symbol tattoo
Gemini sign tattoo
Gemini sign tattoo for guys
Gemini tattoo symbol
Gemini tattoo angel and devil