19 Most Beautiful Paw Print Tattoo Designs

The paw print tattoo designs are not only beautiful, but also the ultimate declaration of love to your four-legged friend.

We love our pets like real family members. Unfortunately, our time with them often lasts only a few years. Therefore, many animal fans are happy when they can set a symbolic monument dedicated to the time spent together with their pet friend.

A very special personal way of paying homage to your cat or dog is a paw print tattoo. This can be designed quite individually. Let us show you some of the most beautiful possibilities.

my dog paw print tattoo

Paw print tattoo meaning

paw print tattoo meaning

Dogs and cats paw prints are not the only ones used for this form of tattoos, although they are probably the most popular. Depending on the form in which you realize these tattoos, they can have different meanings.

Love for a pet

Paw prints tattoos are mainly a way to express your love for a pet that you own or have owned. To enhance the symbolism, you can draw the pet’s paw so that it has a similar shape to a heart.

Strength and power

In some cases, animal paw tattoos refer to powerful and strong animals, as the lion and the bear. Therefore, the tattoos of such paw prints are used to symbolize power and strength.


When you have multiple paw prints lined up as a track, it looks like the animal is in motion. Thus, the tattoo has the meaning of progress. If you want to symbolize that your life has a goal and you are approaching this goal with dedication, this could be a good tattoo for you.

Paw Print Tattoo Ideas

dog paw print tattoo idea

A very nice idea could be to tattoo several paws so that they make a path that your pet walked along.

These tattoos look very good in large areas, such as the ribs, arms or legs. Sometimes they are worth seeing on the back as well.

If you decide to tattoo just one paw, it will probably be larger and more detailed. Some want to get these done with just fine lines and others would like to fill them in.

There are also even more high-end designs that use relief or shadows to show the paws over snow or mud, or even add claws and hairs to it. As is almost always the case, such tattoos are there to remember a pet, so the pet’s name is often included. You can also combine this design with a toy or food that the pet liked, such as a bone.

Paw Print Tattoos

Paw print tattoos can have different sizes and styles (3d, realistic, classic or minimalist) and they can be placed on any part of the body. Let’s look together which are some of the most popular ones and what they convey.

For example, below we can compare a beautiful 3d dog paw tattoo on the rib versus a small cat paw tattoo in minimalistic style. tattoo in minimalistic style.

3d dog paws tattoo
cat paw tattoo

1. Dog Paw Tattoo

Dog paw print tattoo are among the most popular paw tattoo designs and it’s no wonder. Dogs are very important in the life of many people, therefore it is not surprising that there are some men and women who wear dog paw print tattoos as a reminder of the companionship, love and loyalty of dogs; both as a concrete memory of a dog that was important in their life or motivated by the general love for dogs.

This type of tattoo is a good idea if you are thinking of getting a tattoo that is a bit more discreet. Usually, dog paws are small tattoos, so the cost is also kept in check.

There are diverse forms for how to get this tattoo stitched. Usually, dog paw tattoos are very simple and do not need complicated designs because the drawing itself has a very strong meaning. Nevertheless, the way you get this tattoo stitched can create many different meanings. 

Unlike the bear paw tattoo, which is rather an abstract symbol, the dog paw tattoo is more personal, more intimate because it creates a connection or a memory.

dog paw print tattoo
dog paws tattoo

2. Bear Paw Tattoo

Another popular and interesting paw tattoo, but different in meaning, is the bear paw tattoo.

A symbol of courage and strength but also of love and family loyalty, the bear is considered a healing spirit. Wearing a bear tattoo is a statement to match this powerful symbol. The bear paw tattoo is perhaps a more temperate but no less imposing choice. Here are some of the most inspired bear paw tattoos to discover.

bear paw tattoo

3. Cat Paw Tattoo

The cat paw print tattoo has definitely a more complex meaning, as it may be related to the image of the cat as a pet, but also to the symbol of the cat in general. Whether we are talking about the domestic cat or the big cats, the cat paw tattoo is strong and mysterious. The cat is a self-confident animal, discreet and independent.

cat paw print tattoo
cat paw prints tattoo

3. Wolf Paw Tattoo

Like the bear paw print tattoo, wolf paw tattoos are very popular choice among animal lovers. More common among Native American people and also in Japanese culture, the wolf paw tattoo will reflect a connection with the nature and the self, and also a desire to look and to move ahead. We wrote here more about what wolf tattoo symbolize. Let’s take a look to some of the most interesting examples of wolf paw tattoos.
wolf paw print tattoo on belly

Paw Print Tattoo Placement

Depending on the design and size of the tattoo, the paw print can look beautiful on any part of the body. If you can’t decide on your paw print tattoo placement get inspired by the most impressive collection online. Here are some examples:

ear dog paw tattoo
paw print tattoo placement
leg paw prints tattoo
back paw print tattoo
upper chest dog paw print tattoo
dog paw print tattoo belly