11 Stunning Virgo Tattoo Ideas

People born between August 22nd and September 21st are considered to have Virgo personalities.

Virgo Constellation Tattoo

Virgo constellation tattoo

Virgo is a mutable earth element that is ruled by the planet Mercury. People born between August 22nd and September 21st are considered to have Virgo personalities. A mutable sign, like Virgo, is a sign that is adaptable and changing, rather than a fixed, stable zodiac sign. Each sign in the zodiac corresponds to a part of human anatomy. Virgo controls the sinuses, respiration, and digestion. Because of this, Virgos often experience problems like asthma, allergies, lung infections (like bronchitis), acid reflux, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Virgos are often nervous worriers whose fixation on small flaws and problems can lead to health issues. The colors connected to Virgo are blue (including navy), yellow, grey, beige, and lilac. The flowers connected to Virgo are aster, chrysanthemum, ivy, and ferns. The Virgo sign is represented by a virgin holding wheat, symbolizing collective wisdom and gathered experience. Although there are many tales as to the origins of they symbol, one story states that the virgin girl is Astraea. Astraea is the daughter of Zeus and the virgin goddess of justice and fairness.

Virgos are persuaded by critical thinking. They are thoughtful people who appreciate intellectual subtlety and nuance. Virgo individuals are detail oriented, with diligent, hardworking natures. Because of their eye for detail and industriousness, Virgos can be critical of others, condemning their work. Above all else, the Virgo individual likes to be helpful. They often choose jobs that involve service to their community or their environment. They enjoy making a positive difference and improving the well-being of others or even the planet.

Virgos are prone to be skeptical and cynical, and can be easily disappointed by people who do not show the same care and concern for quality that they do. This is primarily because Virgos are quite sensitive. Virgos tend to be shy, reserved, and somewhat idealistic. They expect the best from themselves and also want the best from others. When people fall short of their high expectations, the Virgo individual will not hesitate to try and change those people for the better.

A desperate Virgo will use any means necessary to change people’s supposed faults, including guilt tripping and emotional manipulation. Virgos are incredibly adept at adaptation. They can be thrust into a difficult or unfamiliar situation unexpectedly and still manage to thrive. They take such change in stride and look for ways to improve who they are and where they are in life. Virgo looks at every opportunity as the opportunity to make a positive change, either for themselves or their world. The Virgo individual loves efficiency and productivity; if something isn’t running as smoothly as it could, Virgo will be there to see that it changes immediately.

A Virgo tattoo can be of the constellation, the virgin, or the symbol. Here are some examples:

Virgin Virgo tattoo
Virgo sign tattoo
Virgo constellation sign tattoo
Virgo symbol tattoo

Virgo Tattoos

People most interested in Virgo tattoos would likely be Virgos, born between August 22nd and September 21st, although some authorities say the dates are August 23rd to September 22nd. The confusion exists because the sign is determined by the movement of the sun through a specific area and there is no definitive entrance and exit. Furthermore, these people would likely believe in astrology or feel that their personality coincides to the standard Virgo individual. They may check their daily horoscopes and rely on astrology to help make important decisions, or they may just be passingly interested.

Virgo tattoo symbols

Virgo Tattoo Designs

And, here are some more Virgo tattoo designs for both women and men. They can be bold, elegant minimalistic or traditional, however they are representative for Virgo personalities. Virgo tattoo designs might be used to denote a special person, rather than using something more obvious like a name. In this case, it is not necessary that the person with the tattoo be a Virgo or believe in astrology and the zodiac, but for the specific person to identify with the tattoo design. These zodiac tattoos are used to represent another person, not the tattoo bearer themselves.

Virgo tattoo for women
3d Virgo tattoo for men